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Thank you for visiting JoLily. I will begin by telling you very briefly about the way I work.

With my photographic work I try to capture the emotion, the feeling, of whatever it is I am photographing. That means that I am not always looking for perfectly sharp pictures, I love movement, dark grainy pictures, blurry pics that give just a suggestion of what the picture is about, capturing moments.

I am very passionate about my work. Please take a look at my new books page, if you like what I do, great, why not get in touch!

Apart from my photography, I make one off handbags and pieces of art and furnishings. These will appear on the site when they become available (if they make it to the site, as most pieces are sold before they get a chance to get on here!). Also just recently launched the new range of JoLily greetings cards.

A note for those who already know me........are you shocked at the amount of writing, me too! I don't normally do words!!

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